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Available Kittens

At Exotic Kitten Cattery, we specialize in helping our adorable exotic kittens find loving families.
Browse through all of our available exotic longhair and shorthair kittens. 

Call today to get in touch with our staff and to learn more about what we have to offer.

About Us

These kittens are so hilarious; it makes it so easy to snap out of the stresses of daily life. We have seen just how friendly, personable, and adorable these exotic shorthair cats & kittens can be. We have since made it our mission to raise and share these kittens to those in need of a true loving friend.

Why Choose Our Kittens?

CFA Registered Kittens
All kittens are registered with the Cat Fancier’s Association and include all documentation. 

 Certified Health Check-Ups
Our kittens undergo a veterinarian health checkup to make sure they are strong and healthy. 

Vaccinated and Immunized
To stay strong and healthy for years to come, all kittens are vaccinated for common feline diseases.

Kitten Adoption

Kitten Adoption

Cat Breeding

Cat Breeding

Quote for Delivery

Quote for Delivery


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